Lisa (10 Sep 2011)
"For Carol G.......rain for Texas"

Hi Carol
I have certainly been praying for Texas and all of the other states that so desperately need rain.  I live in Pa and we just had the worst flooding in 40 yrs.  I personally was fortunate and had no problem but people in our small town had their basements full of water and started into their next floor.   Two car dealerships were under water.  One man we know which used to be a neighbor of ours drowned.  His poor wife watched it all.  They cannot even find his body.  She cannot even have closure on his death until they find his body.
I have desperately been praying the Lord will take all of the water we have and can't even be absorbed into the ground anymore and send it to your drought stricken area.  All of the fires, 1,400 homes burned in the last few days.  My heart aches for Texas, Oklahoma, and the other dry states. 
I am starting to realize that if we don't keep our eyes totally focused on Jesus, we ourselves won't make it through all of the devastion.  We don't know just HOW BAD it may get until the rapture does happen.  Now this flooding is over and I am saying "Lord.....who is next and what will it be".  The faster it comes the more I am clinging to Jesus and asking him to keep me safe in his arms.
I pray the Lord will hear our prayers