Lisa (1 Sep 2011)
"To JC:  How you should prepare"

That was awsome!!!!      I too have prepared.  Food, water, gold, silver, other supplies.  I also left a letter telling how to get to the money.  I don't have as much as you do and no wine.  Like you said, you didn't prepare for yourself because you won't need it.  That is the same as me.  I had others in mind while preparing.
I never thought of it the way you wrote.  That the Lord would use your supplies to direct people to it and to him.  Then that will be the same that he will do for me.  I have complete peace about all of it and I am sure you do to by the sounds of it.
I have stored all of this and don't have to be concerned about it anymore.  Now all of our attention is focused on the Lord.  We have done what he has told us to do.
Thank you for the encouraging words.
God bless you