Lewis Brackett (5 Sep 2011)
"Rapture before the UN "covenant" vote ?"

Is September vote the "Covenant with Many"? Are we gone before the UN vote????? If the September vote IS Daniel ch9's "Covenant with Many" , we should be gone by then .....

It seems that the whole world will agree to divide Israel to the benefit of the Arabs/ Bedouin/ Palestinians........ It should be obvious that this vote in the UN in September is a great candidate for Daniel's Covenant with many..... According to Daniel, the AntiChrist will not be revealed until 3 1/2 years after the covenant when he is given power for just 3 1/2 years..

just about everyone signs, agreeing to and Confirming the covenant. The Future AC is just one of the signers.No one knows at the signing who the AC is going to be..Its a surprise.. If Obama doesn't sign on to the covenant ((IF this is it)) he has no chance of becoming the AC .......IMHO   :)

Are you looking UP ?????

Lewis Brackett