Leigh (23 Sep 2011)

The Vatican put a huge telescope in Arizona a few years ago. This week the Vatican called all archbishops back to Rome and bookings to be a single ticket, no returns!!!  All the vatican rooms are occupied but they were promised full facilities. Could this be because of Elenin being at its closest point at earth on 17th October? For the ones who are'nt there by the 10th must stay home. Elenin is a HUGE spacecraft coming out behind the sun this week. Also Dr. Owuor called all nations to repent to the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and leave behind all other gods. GOD told him its going to rain in Kisii this weekend in Kenya which will be the latter rains of the Holy Spirit at the revival meeting.  This may be your last chance to get your wedding gown on.  JESUS asked this one person at the wedding banquet:  FRIEND HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE WITHOUT A WEDDING GOWN???  Is YOUR GOWN pure without creases and stains? Hebrews says in chapter 12: FOR  WITHOUT HOLINESS NOBODY WILL SEE THE LORD!!!   REPENT AND PREPARE THE WAY OF THE MESSIAH ..... SHALOM!.