K.S. Rajan (8 Sep 2011)
"The clock is Ticking-Gary Kah"

The Clock is Ticking
Only God knows how much longer America has to repent of her sins. But every indication points to the fact that time is running out. If not for the Lord’s exceptional mercy and grace our nation would already have been destroyed. He has intervened repeatedly to hold back our enemies. However, through natural disasters and a faltering economy He is now turning up the heat hoping Americans will get the message and respond accordingly. If we don’t, the calamities He brings our way will continue to intensify.

We should understand that in Christ all things hold together (Colossians 1:17). Without His presence or protection, our nation would quickly deteriorate in every imaginable way. We as a nation have been successful only because God has blessed us. Our influence over the past century has been great because He has allowed it. Without God we are nothing. We would do well to recognize and acknowledge this fact so that He does not have to “prove” it to us.

Another possible sign indicating God’s time of patient warning may be nearing an end is that He is taking some of His most faithful servants and “watchmen” home. Several godly men whom I have respected and admired have gone to be with the Lord unexpectedly in the last few weeks (i.e. David Wilkerson, Ron Carlson, J.R. Church). They were each strong contenders for the faith and had been calling America to repentance for many years.