K.S. Rajan (23 Sep 2011)
"World situation--Paul McGUIRE"

By Paul McGuire
Unless we reverse course the American economy is about to collapse. Why? We have done nothing to create real jobs. We have done nothing to stimulate small business and bring corporations along with manufacturing back into our country. The EU embraced socialism, which is a rejection of Biblical principles, because at its foundation it denies that the Living God is our source and not government. Today the eurozone is in danger of seeing the euro collapse.
How did all this happen? It was intentionally planned by a financial elite that wants to destroy the dollar and the euro in order to bring in their world currency and world government. All of this is predicted in the Bible. If you dismiss this as paranoia you need to do your homework. The facts are all there, if you bother to read them. I deal with them in my new 3 DVD series "Are You Ready for the One World Government?" "Are You Ready for the One World Economic System?" and "Are You Ready for the Coming One World Religion?"
Critical to understanding what is going on today, is understanding what happened between the years 1900-1939. During this time period the world underwent a revolution of ideas and consciousness. The primary driving forces of this revolution were evolution, communism, socialism and humanism. The following events took place during this time period.
1848 - The Communist Manifesto was written. It was a mirror of the earlier Illuminati Manifesto.
1905 - The Fabian Socialist intellectuals mapped out a plan for a world socialist government.
1913 - Federal Reserve Act was passed and the international bankers seized control of the U.S. monetary system. America was now run by the international bankers.
1918 - The Communist Revolution in Russia financed by some of the international bankers of the Federal Reserve.
1919 - The first run at a global government was attempted with the formation of the League of Nation. President Woodrow Wilson and the man who controlled him, Col. Mandell House who was a radical Marxist and some believe was involved in the occult.
1929- The Stock Market Crash engineered by the Federal Reserve.
1929-1939 - The Great Depression also orchestrated by the Federal Reserve.
The war on terrorism, the global economic collapse, the destruction of the dollar and the radical transformation of our culture and society came from the revolution in consciousness that happened during 1905-1939. For example, the current global economic crisis was created by the international bankers for their profit. The reason manufacturing left the U.S. was because international bankers like Rockefeller planned it that way.
In 1976, Rockefeller through his agent, Henry Kissinger mapped out the basic plan that would transform Communist China into the world's number one economic super power. Time does not permit to expose all that has happened. However, the Illuminati slogan is "Order Out of Chaos." The Communist strategy of manufactured crisis is at work all over our world today. That is why leftist politicians are always saying, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." People will accept the most radical transformation of society, if they perceive there is a crisis. Like in the case of global warming, the crisis can be real or artificial as long as the people believe it.
What is our responsibility in the time in which we live? We have been given our marching orders from our Supreme Commander, "Occupy until I come." We are to be fully engaged in the spiritual battle using spiritual weapons. We are to seek the face of God for a last day's soul harvest. We are to stand for the things of God and repent from "playing church." We are to be faithful to the Word of God and not attempt to twist it. For God and His Word are One.
I go into detail of what this means prophetically in my new 3 DVD series Are You Ready for the One World Government? Are You Ready for the One World Economic System? Are You Ready for the Coming One World Religion?