K.S. Rajan (23 Sep 2011)

                                                WHAT IN THE WORLD
                                A few words about Grace --by William R.Newell
    The place of man under Grace:
1.He has been accepted in christ,who is his standing!
2.He is not  "on probation"
3.As to his life past,it does not exist before God:he died at the Cross,and Christ is his life.
4.Grace, once bestowed,is not withdrawn:for God knew all the human exigencies{needs}beforehand;His action was independent of them,not dependent on them.
5.The failure of devotion does not cause the withdrawal of bestowed Grace{as it would under Law}.For example:the man in 1cor5:1-5and also those in 11-30-32,who did not" judge" themselves,and so were "judged by the Lord"--that they might not be condemnedwith the world .