K.S. Rajan (10 Sep 2011)
"Report by Koenig"

Northeast U.S. flooding:
Worst Flooding since Agnes on Susquehanna in Pennsylvania

The worst flooding since Agnes in 1972 is just beginning in the valleys of the Susquehanna,
forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes in Pennsylvania and New York.
Over a foot of rain has fallen in some areas, and the rain is still falling.
It is possible flood levels will eclipse those of 1972.

The Palestinian people are "long overdue" in their quest for an independent state, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Friday, ahead of a Palestinian push for statehood in the UN planned for later this month.
Ban's comments came a day after Palestinian activists launched a campaign for the recognition of a Palestinian state in the United Nations. The move contradicts earlier reports that the Palestinian Authority was the one who issued the request