KML (6 Sep 2011)
"RE: Clay Cantrell " Methuselah""

Hello Clay

I think if we compare Methuselah with today's end times prophecy considering the meaning of his name, ( His death shall bring) goes along with your statement
" my gut feeling is that there is acutally a certain person on the earth, that when he dies, curently, in our lifetime, then the Flood/ tribulation starts."
We the Bride of Christ are " The Restrainer " once we are taken out of the way, the Tribulation begins. I think we represent Methuselah.
Methuselah died 7 days before the Flood. These 7 days could represent the THE LAST WEEK[ tribulation] that is to follow like the Flood followed Methuselah's death. All the people knew what his name meant.
We would ask : Why SEVEN days before the Flood ?
7 days were set to mourn the dead. On the 7th day God shut the door of the Ark.
Once it was shut, NO man could open it.
It took Noah 120 years to build the Ark, and Man has 120 Jubiliee years before the Restitution of All things.
49+1=50 years= a Jubilee yr
50x120=6000 yrs
creation 6 literal days
 The time for man;1 day is as 1000 yrs unto the Lord
Adam died 70 years before the 1000 years were complete=ing 930 years, thus the fulfillment of God's word " In the DAY that ye shall eat, thou shalt surely die"
the 70 yrs are important I think because it also represents A GENERATION.
In Gen 5 The geneologies
1. Adam  [ Man (is) ]
2. Seth    [ Appointed ]
3. Enosh [ Mortal ]
4. Kenan [ Sorrow (but) ]
5. Mahalalel  [ The blessed God]
6. Jared   [ Shall come down]
7. Enoch [ Teaching]
8. Methuselah  [ His death shall bring]
9. Lamech [ The Despairing]
10. Noah  [ Comfort and Rest]

The hidden message :
Man is appointed mortal sorrows but The Blessed God shall come down Teaching, His death shall bring the despairing Comfort and Rest.
A prophecy of the coming Messiah, through the meaning of these names.
God is good !

This shows us and speaks of the integrity of design " Before the foundation of the world"
We are without question the generation who will see these last days prophecies fulfilled.
Please take time to view the video's posted by Dayana T .

I had already seen them before her posting, but they are informative and I think biblicly sound . Many of us have our own views pertaining to the timeline of events.
I believe that Revelation is a sequince of events that follow ONE after the Other.
Example: chapter 9 does not happen before chapter 4, nor does chapter 8,and 9, happen before chapter 6.
The stelerium in these video's I think is not for this Month, but is the sign for Israel later on during the tribulation. The Moon is off to the side of Her feet, not Under her feet.
I don't have this program on my computer, but if anyone does have it perhaps they could check the dates of Rosh Hashona for 2013-2016.
These are also just my opinions.
Be blessed