Kim Chesson (8 Sep 2011)


 Hi Lynn! Like you, I have only posted on the Doves site a few times, but I come here every day

to read what others have posted. When I read your request, it reminded me of 2 teachings by

Perry Stone that I thought might help and encourage you.

The first is a double CD called "Your bones are coming home." The blurb on the back says this: "Using the

example of Joseph's bones in Egypt, Perry will share an important word about your unsaved family

members. The Holy Spirit directed Perry to share this word with Christians... God will not leave your

family in Egypt when he brings you into your promised land." The thing that excited me most about

it is that he shares that God has told him that soon something is going to happen that will cause a

great curiosity about the things of God, and this will open a short window of opportunity for us to

share the Gospel with our unsaved or back-slidden loved ones.

The second one is actually a CD called, "What to do if you should miss the rapture." I have not heard

this one, but Perry is always engaging and easy to listen to, so maybe that would be another

possibility for you?

Oh, and I am no prayer warrior, but I have definitely prayed for your husband. Every

little bit helps!