Kevin Heckle (8 Sep 2011)
"Steve Mullin: Obama+Satan = AC"



Along with John Tng, I’ve probably been one of the most outspoken regarding Obama as the AC.  I’ve said, should it not turn out to be the case that I would owe him an apology of sorts.  However, whether or not he is thee one; he certainly is an antichrist.  I think the most telling aspect of the antichrist will be his ability to cross all religious bounds as Daniel says that the AC will not regard ANY god.  With Obama this is true as he embraces all religions, not regarding any one above the other.  While he may pay lip-service to Christianity, it is my opinion that a true Christian could not endorse either homosexuality or abortion.  BHO is a proponent of both.  He is especially aggressive regarding abortion.  While in the Illinois legislature he sponsored a bill requiring doctors to let live fetuses die, if they had survived the abortion process.  That is pretty cold-hearted, no matter how nice he may seem. 

I don’t believe that the AC can be a pure Islamic agent as he would be regarding Allah.

The antichrist will fool even the ‘elect’ if it were possible, according to Paul.  From my study it seems like the antichrist will have some sort of initial power and then be possessed by Satan himself for the final 42 months, or during the Great Tribulation.  At that point, the wolf will shed the sheep’s clothing.  While Soros may possibly be a puppet master now, at some point he will lose control of the antichrist.  When the Lord or his agents such as Gabriel or Michael remove themselves from between the AC and total power, that is when the AC will come to full power for 42 months prior to being destroyed by the Lord.


In Christ,

Kevin Heckle