Kevin Heckle (8 Sep 2011)
"Arliss Cooney: Spotting Elenin"


From Oregon, at around 11:30 PM at night on September 5, 2011 due east (from your eastern facing window), the largest planet in the inner solar system would have been visible at eye level above the horizon.  I believe what you saw was the planet Jupiter.

Elenin at that time would have been visible on the other side of the world (if it weren’t daytime there) at about 160 degrees away from your eastern view at that time.  Elenin is currently in the constellation of Virgo while the constellation due east at the time of your observance was Aries and Pisces.

Keep on keeping on looking towards the eastern sky!!!

LFJSR (Looking for Jesus’ soon return).

In Christ,

Kevin Heckle