Kelly Herman (1 Sep 2011)
"What The Lord has stated to me"

In learning all I can over the last 7 1/2 years of listening and reading major arguments and debates I now know this from The Lord Himself. As I was consulting Him over all the debate that has been going on here at five doves, I now have a great peace concerning why there is not more agreement between Scripture and Prophecy. This is what The Lord stated to me this morning, "Do not get bogged down in the bickering and arguing, just know this, all Scripture and Prophecy has both physical and spritual application. EVERYTHING that has come from my mouth will be used as examples of a literal, physical and a spiritual application, again I say, EVERYTHING. 

I have now a great peace in understanding that there will be argument as long as we do not understand this principle. Also too, something The Lord showed me years ago is this:

Just because someone has gotten alot right or somethings wrong does not mean you can follow that measurement always. People make mistakes and everyone at some point in time has been wrong on something. Be patient and know we are all in the learning process. Don't throw away all concepts just because a person has been wrong, neither should you assume that a person who has not been proven to be wrong cannot make a mistake.

Let's be patient with each other  Discernment is a process of learning. It is something we must learn and exercise. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water is a favorite saying...

Looking up and loving the learning process! Kelly in Dallas