Keith Davidson (23 Sep 2011)

Fay (10 Sep 2011)
"The Problem with the Middle East"


Thank day for Dennis Prager's clear and precise disclosure of the facts.

I remember David ben Guerin on newsreels at the cinema, when he proclaimed the Jewish state of Israel, but it was not until 1967 war with the Arabs, when my interest in eschatology  took off in real earnest.

My brother, Graham introduced me to world wide web in 1997, and opened the door to Marilyn Agee and Five Doves'  site , where cyberspace demonstrated the power of THE LIVING WORD.

On Tuesday mornings  a small group in our village meet at our pastor's home, and always pray for Israel.No one should deny that we are experiencing the final chapter of the end of this age. We are so blessed!


Keith Davidson