Judith (9 Sep 2011)
"A New revelation to the Signifance of the year 1948"

In the Sept. 8 Letters on 5 Doves, (see below) I presented facts concerning our
1948 year and the significance as it relates to Bible prophecy and the soon return
of Jesus for His Church as well as the actual date for the end of the tribulation 
based on the 1948 cycle.  If this study is correct, then what is most profound
about this date is the significance as it pertains to Jesus Christ our blessed Savior
and His soon return - first for His bride, then 7 years later as King of Kings to
reign 1,000 years - The Kingdom Age.
Many who have devoted much time in studying the geneological record have
discovered the relevance of the 1948 date.  There are 3 occasions in history's time-
line that record the pattern of 1948 years - beginning with Abram continuing to our
current 1948 year and its' significance with Israel becoming a nation plus the final
count from 70 ad to our year 2018 which equals 1948 years.....70 + 1948 = 2018.
But there's even more significance to this amazing year!  But before I continue
with what the Lord has revealed to me, I'll begin with some history on the study
of the Biblical timeline as recorded in Genesis.
It seems James Ussher was one of the first of modern chronologists to have noted
the fact that Abram was not born in 1948, but rather when Terah was 130 yrs. old, not 70.  That would bring the date to the year 2008 - not 1948.  You may be thinking "so what - what difference does it make"?
This is what I would like to present - an explanation to the wonderful confusion that has brought me to share what I believe the Lord has revealed to me.  There is a reason and significant purpose God had in drawing our attentiion to that date.  It's interesting that there is such a stir and adament sentiments in regard to this time-frame.  It has caused confusion, but in the final analysis brings to light a magnificant revelation of Biblical accuracy.  I believe the following explanation will thrill you and possibly be another factor in bringing further assurance to how close we are to our going home.
First I'll start with the chronology going back to Shem, one of the sons of Noah.  Shem was 100 yrs. two yrs. after the flood (Gen. 11:10) and that is when his son
Arpachshad was born.  Note that even though Shem wasn't the oldest of the three sons of Noah (Shem, Ham & Japheth) his name is always mentioned first.  We know he wasn't the oldest - see Gen. 10:21 where it's noted that Japheth was his older brother.  It's important to note that the genealogy lists "from Shem to Abram".  Why is that?  It's because Jesus comes from the line of Seth on down through Shem, continuing on to Abram and David, etc.
Giving the data on Shem and noting particularly that he was mentioned first out of the 3 sons of Noah lays the foundation for why the same pattern is true with Abram - the fact that even though he wasn't the oldest of the 3 sons of Terah, he is mentioned first.
Up to this point we now realize that when multiple sons are mentioned in the geneological record, the one that is mentioned first is the son with the genealogy and lineage leading to the birth of Jesus.  But there's more and this is where it gets exciting.
Another reason Abram is mentioned first is because he is the "heir of Promise".  We all know that Abram is the father of our faith and through faith in Jesus who is THE PROMISE,  all who would believe will be an heir of THE PROMISE - Jesus!
That's it!  Do you see it?  1948 years from Adam, the heir of the promise whose heirs we are as well - that year (1948) became the most notable time-frame for when we can anticipate the world's promise (Jesus) would come - the 2nd coming 1948 years from 70 ad which is the 3rd in the established pattern beginning with Abram.  That's the major significance for the record listing Abram in 1948 - the "heir of promise" whose heirs we are as well.  That's the reason Israel became a nation in 1948, and the reason Jesus will return as King of Kings to this earth at the end of the tribulation 1948 years from 70 ad.  Jesus is the promise and that year magnificantly portrays a story from beginning to end. 
His final fulfillment of that promise that began with Abram the father of our faith, the date of 1948, ends in the same time-frame - 1948 years from 70 ad, the third (3rd) in the wonderful successions of that year.  The final 1948 years from when the temple was destroyed to when the Temple of Christ will appear to ALL in His magnificant Kingdom Glory - to the Jew, the Gentile, the Church (the Church coming with Him of course), and to the tribulation saints.   ALL will be included in that final appearance.  ALL will see Him.  ALL will admire His magnificant beauty and behold His Glory! 
So there you have it.  Hope this was a blessing.  It sure blessed me when the lights came on and I saw even more significance to that year then what I had seen before. 
Blessings to all watchers,
Judith "