Josua (6 Sep 2011)
"To Kevin Heckle and all Doves re Elenin"

Dear Kevin and all Doves

Kevin, I highly appreciated your post:

I fully agree. And I am sad for all those who don't.

There was so much truth in all your recent posts and everything your present is always backed up by scripture. I am very very thankful for all your efforts and time! Please don't give up, even if you are having a hard time here at FiveDoves!

To all Doves about Elenin:
  • Take your mobile phone and take a picture of the turned on lamp in your living room at night. You will clearly get the lense flare effect that looks like those Photos "Sun + Elenin". I tried it myself yesterday evening and as expected I got that pseudo Elenin object (nothing but a lense flare) around the lamp in my living room. Just try it yourself.
  • If those pictures are just lense flares, it is still possible that Elenin is there and many take it as a logical explanation for the cause of Earthquakes. If that is true or not is outside the scope of my own knowledge about physics and astronomy, although I do have an academic degree in computer engineering. How comes that so many Christians pretend to be experts in physics and astronomy?
  • We are waiting for Jesus, not Elenin. I personally have enough reasons to look up even without Elenin. Only if you get your thoughts focused on Jesus you can be sure to never be disappointed in case things turn out different than how you have expected it.

Watch & Pray!