Josua (1 Sep 2011)
"Are there other Doves that are NOT interested in Elenin?"

Dear Doves

I just wanted to ask if there are other Doves that are clearly NOT interested in Elenin?

I am well aware of all Elenin predictions, how it aligns with Feast of Trumpets 2011 etc...

But whenever I read about it or see videos about it I am getting bored and instead am drawn to spend my time studying the Bible. Even if Elenin is related to the rapture, I believe that my time is best spent on studying the word of God, praying and take action in doing something useful for others.

In 2010 I seriously asked myself if the BP Oil spill could have something to do with the book of Revelations. Some people (on some internet forums) said it relates to a specific trumpet in the book of Revelations, and as I had no idea about it, it caused me to spend endless hours studying the End Times and related topics (Rapture) myself. Finally I found that it had absolutely nothing to do with a specific Trumpet from Revelations. So for me, it was nonetheless a trigger to open my eyes about the times we are living in, and since then I see the same happen to other people with other events. Elenin in specific seems to be a big attractor and serves the purpose to draw people near the word of God (at least those who honestly are looking for the truth!). However, it does not attract me too much. Even if it possibly relates to Revelations chapter 12, I think it is just another clue about the times we live in but adds no additional clue to the rapture. The political events in and around Isreal clearly have my attention and bear much more prophetic potential.

Maybe I am wrong and Elenin IS what others say - it may bring us the rapture and/or great chaos - I don't mind as I have many other (even better) reasons from a Biblical perspective to expect the very same thing even without Elenin.

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua