John M (8 Sep 2011)
"Reply to Phil Rogers"

Ok, so IF Obama is to be the AC, then scripture says that he is given 42 months to continue..... Continue what? Lying, deceiving, performing miracles (in conjunction with the false prophet) and of course chasing after the Saints, demanding worship.... So if from the time from when he is healed of his headwound (by none other than satan himself) to the time he gets his butt kicked at Meggido is 42 months (3 1/2years), then the only conclusion we have is that this happens during the latter half of the 70th week....
(And IF we are indeed entering the midst (Rosh 2011-Rosh 2012) of the 70th week (Rosh 2008-Rosh2015), then we have the start of the 42 months in approximately April/Nisan of 2012...)

John M