JMS (9 Sep 2011)
"Re. to Dayana's wonderful experience, told in her letter yesterday !"

11. of August 2011, - to Five Doves site.

Thanks for your wonderful letter yesterday, follow in link under here, God bless and protect you in the Love from Jesus !

I was happy surprised of your light experience, I myself got the same experience with that wonderful Golden Light totaly surrounded me, when I was very ill,
totaly alone, and cry out to Jesus for help, then this wonderful warm Golden light came, totaly surrounded me, and the whole room I was in.
It took away all my pain and filled me with peace and love.

It happen back in July 2004, and it totaly changed my life and waked up my faith in Jesus, so I as you are waiting for He's coming very soon now. In fact
half a year ago, the Lord told me: the time is over, - trust in me and I will take care of you and your loved ones, and IM soon coming for those belonging
to ME, so dont frighten, only trust in ME, and prepare for IM coming in a twinkle of an eye !

So let's pray for protection under the blood of the chosen Lamb of God, Jesus Christ,and prepare,  

Praise and Love for ever to our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !

in the love from Jesus, - jms.