JK (23 Sep 2011)
"Elenin And The "Sign In Egypt" Connection! MUST SEE!!"

Hi John & Doves,

I feel to share with you this most astonishing video study I found - while surfing videos concerning Elenin - by Andre Hendricks regarding Elenin and the Rapture.

To brief the video:
- how Elenin is "proved" to be (most probably) an intelligently controlled object rather than comet etc.
- how Hollywood movies signal rapture and coming of Angels with comet-like spaceships, "ARKs before 'flood'"
- how pyramid Giza is in scriptures and its connection to coming of Yeshua
- how Elenin may indeed prove to be Yeshua Himself coming!

Elenin And The "Sign In Egypt" Connection! MUST SEE!!

In a very, very short time we shall see if Andre Hendricks has been able to draw correct conclusions.

May God Bless You,