Jimmy Lishman (23 Sep 2011)
"Vindication for a servant"

Hi All,

We REALLY MISSED YOU JOHN but hope you are well rested for the last stretch.

13 September 2011

Rev 3:3  Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.

It is amazing how the prophetic word that the LORD gave me in prayer thru the Holy Spirit on 23 December 2010 has come into fruition.

Our congregation has a missionary family in India that has been there for 15 years. The wife & children of the missionary came home in the December Holidays to visit with family and friends, and on trying to return to India, the missionaries wife was told by the Indian Consulate that their visums had been cancelled and her husband had to leave India by 31 May 2011, and that she and the children could not return.


Our prayer team leader called me and asked me to pry for their problem. I had just started in prayer when I had a strong feeling come over me with a word “HE is calling home HIS diplomats before HE declares war on the world”.


I immediately returned the prayer leader’s call and told her the message. I took the message to all my pastors and named it at our prayer meetings on each consecutive Saturday but noticed that no one seemed to react to or accept the word (This is not a new thing in our church which is the mainstream denomination in South Africa having always had very set ways in the past. I say this as I had noticed that all the church notices and prayers were for re-opening of the door in India which the LORD had closed. The clergy were as it were trying to kick down the closed door in prayer and ignoring the word given.


The missionaries wife then took up residence with her parents who are in our congregation. She got the two youg children into a school and waited for the time that her husband would be returning.


Who could ever have thought that the Almighty GOD would within one month of receiving the word, start the prophetic action seen in the Middle East with the muslim brotherhood behind the scenes implementing their Caliphate in all the nations around Israel, bringing Psalm 83, Zechariah and Ezekiel prophecies into a startup mode.


I noticed no further action on the part of the church or notifications from the missionary in India. Our congregation had a missionary feedback weekend in the beginning of march where our missionaries in the field came home to bring news and fellowship with the congregation. While we were drinking tea after the Sunday morning sermon I noticed the missionary to India’s wife and two children standing with her parents and again the LORD placed it on my heart to approach them and enquire if they had heard the prophetic word about their mission in India, whereupon the gathered around and all said NO – they had never been given the word. I immediately gave the the word as I had received it on 23 December 2010 and the all acknowledged it rather wide-eyed.


Everyone in church were constantly trying to kick down the door, as it were, that the LORD had closed and no one tried to come to the LORD in prayer to find out what HIS will was with the events. Here we had a missionary who could speak the language, knew the traditions and knew how to approach and evangelize Indian People, completely kitted out and prepared by the LORD – yet not wanting to seek HIS counsel and fulfill a new direction in their lives.


At the end of May 2011, just as the Missionary was getting ready to leave India, the Indian government opened up their visas and allowed the missionary to stay, and his wife and children to join him in India. She immediately uprooted everything, took the kids out of school and returned to India.

The Prayer group turned on me and asked – SO what do you say of that – did you really hear the LORD or were you speaking out of your own. What did not help the matter was that Harold Camping’s 21 May had just passed and one of our preachers said – if a prophet or watchman brings a word that does not pan out – ignore him as a false prophet. I felt every bit of the scoffing.


I was confused at the happenings and asked of the LORD to help me with this issue in pryer, whereupon the Spirit showed me that the LORD does not force HIS will on HIS children, they have to accept HIS word and ask HIS direction, and if they do not listen they will feel HIS correction.

During June 2011 we had a notice from the missionary in India that the Indian Government were placing the Missionaries activities in India under investigation for activities outside his stated business in India (He ran a material warehouse and clothing business while evangelizing the workers)

Everyone again became frantic and I shared what the LORD had shown me regarding our own will as opposed to the will of GOD and brought HIM all the glory – publicly. Our prayer leader declared some 3 weeks ago that she cannot understand what’s going on with our Missionary family in India, whereupon one of the intercessors said – “Its easy – ask Jimmy he understands it!” I immediately praised the LORD verbally in the prayer group meeting.


In the last weeks of August 2011 the Indian Government cancelled the missionary’s visas and stated that the family would be deported out on the 30th of September 2011 and that they had to close down all their activities and business.

I made an appointment with my senior pastor on Monday 12 September to speak to him obout what the LORD was showing me and he said, yes it is time that the missionary came home and asked the LORD what HIS will with them was.


20-20 Hindsight given this morning (13 September 2011) – Praise the LORD.

The LORD is marvelous HE is Wonderful as HE gave me a vision this morning on the whole matter that had transpired over the past 9 months and I am so privileged to be able to share this in the letter. And to show that being obedient to the LORD and bringing HIS word on time regardless of the trials and scoffers has its vindication in restoring HIS servants to HIS glory.


The LORD equated our missionaries reluctance to that of LOT, who had to be forcibly removed by the Angels from Sodom, before the judgment of GOD could be brought on the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah and that the judgment could not be brought while a righteous family still were residing there.


Seeing that they have to leave India by Rosh Hashanna and with the sign of the Messiah in the skies of Rosh Hashanna – the same sign that was in the Skies at the Birth of the Lamb of GOD on Rosh Hashanna 11 September  3BC which was a Divine appointment with all the peoples of the earth then will also be for the first time in 2000 years, a sign of a Divine appointment for those watching for HIS appearing. As the Jewish Mazzaroth starts in the Virgin Birth and ends in the coming of Lion of Judah and now has come full circle



Love in Christ Jesus