Jimmy (2 Sep 2011)
"Day, The Departure"


I just wanted to take a moment and respond to your letter. I agree. I wish I could express myself that clearly. I read in the last couple of months a series of articles written by Gary Stearman of "Prophecy in the News". He has a 6 part series entitled "Pre-Pre-Pretribulation Rapture" which is still on the main web-site. He covers so much material in those essays. He also makes the same assumption that the word (Apostasy) could very well be used with a double meaning. Regardless, that one word is not why we are looking for Christ to come for his Church. Even though I agree more than wholeheartedly with your analysis. It is "Line upon line, and precept upon precept". Daniel 9:24-27 speaks volumes, the indignation is determined against the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem. The Indignation is another name for the Time of Jacob's Troubles, the Tribulation, the Great Tribulation, the Day of the Lord, and numerous other expressions which depict Daniel's 70th Week.  I ask people all the time, "How many groups of people are there in the world"? Paul gives us the answer in 1 Corinthians 10:32.."Give none offense, neither to the Jew,nor to the Gentile,nor to the Church of God"  Without going into a long dissertation. The Day of the Lord comes upon them as a thief. When they say "Peace and Safety" sudden destruction comes upon them. Who is them? Not the Body Of Christ (Church of God).. We are looking for the Day of Christ. We are not in darkness, we are not a sleep, that that day should over take us. Many Bible Scholars break it down to the 483 years fulfilled with the 7 years left. Who goes into the Tribulation? A Christ rejecting world made up of Jews in Jerusalem, and the Gentiles who wish to blot out God's Chosen People. The two main arguments today, as I stated in a post a few days ago. inside and outside the Church: 1. The Jews are "Occupiers" in the land and God didn't really promise them the land. 2. We are "Fools" to be looking for the Blessed Hope. God didn't really promise to come and get us and spare us from this time of wrath coming upon the world. No, The Departure, we go home to Glory...God Bless, Jimmy