Jim Bramlett (24 Sep 2011)
"Big announcement, John!"

Welcome back, John!  We missed you, bro'.

We have a big, big surprise for you!

Here it is....

While you were gone, we figured out how to hack into your computer and Web account and we have fully taken over the Five Doves Web site!  No joke.  You might call this a spiritual coup d'état (done in love, of course).

As a courtesy we wanted to wait until you returned before we announced it.

We are sorry, but we decided that post-tribbers were not getting a fair shake on this site and needed to be heard.  In fact, we have turned this into a post-trib Web site.  It is for people who love to suffer.  Some call them masochists, or people with a martyrdom complex or death wish.  This should be an encouragement to them.

You have done a great job with Five Doves and we really appreciate it.  But it is time for a change.  Remember when Barack Obama promoted himself with the motto: "hope and change"?  Well, the new Five Doves motto is just "no hope."

John, feel free to post here whenever you desire.  Just a tip: Avoid references to "the blessed hope" so people will not get confused and start hoping for the Lord's return before all hell breaks out on the earth.

Your friend,

Ha ha ... thanks, Jim.
It's good to be back!