Jim Bramlett (1 Sep 2011)
"Comet Elenin photo!!!"

Dear friends:

A few days ago I sent you an e-mail about the incoming Comet Elenin and Planet X.

Friend Pastor F.M. Riley told me that I could photograph it if I used a cell phone camera, which uses infra-red technology (which I did not know).  He said to aim at the sun around mid-day and in the photo I would see Elenin off to the side.

This morning just after 11 a.m. ET, I took a photo of the sun with my cell phone.  Attached is what came out.  Whatever it is, I am absolutely amazed.  It is definitely a celestial body, and I suspect it is Elenin as I was told.

If you have evidence to the contrary or other insights, please let me know.

Be amazed!