Jeffrey Ady (8 Sep 2011)
"Feeling that something is VERY wrong"

Aloha from Honolulu dear Doves:

I haven't been to the site for a while but have been watching very closely for the Lord's return for His Bride, which must be very soon.

Today around 11 a.m. HST {GMT +10} I began to have a very deep sense that something PROFOUNDLY bad or wrong has occurred, or is, happening.  I can't shake it.  I don't know whether it is me or for/about someone near me.  I've been praying and calling upon God for wisdom.  And when I pray, a deep travail and weeping overcomes me.

I thought I'd send a quick email to the Doves before starting to call people to ask what's happening.

If the Lord moves you to pray, please do so; perhaps He will give you something.

If not, know that I am waiting for HIm along with you.  The world is changing and fulfilling the words of Scripture right before our eyes!  The great Catching Away must be near.