Jean Stepnoski (1 Sep 2011)
"Update to Posting"

Dear Doves,
      I have just read a link at RFTH from Mike Evans. In it is quoted Israel's top United Nations diplomat, Ron Prosser. Ron estimates that more than 130 of the 193 member nations of the United Nations will vote yes for the vote on Palestinian statehood. He also believes that most of the 60 or so remaining nations of the 163 will not have the courage to vote no, but will abstain. Here is my interpretations of these things. In essence voting yes or abstain means almost all of the 193  member nations of the United Nations will side against Israel. They will side against the eternal Abrahamic Covenant.   Mike Evans also relates the following. "United Nations approval of the resolution  would immediately place Israel in dire economic straights. The Palestinians have already announced their intention to follow the UN vote with appeals to the World Court and other international bodies to punish Israel economically. Israel's economy is already struggling." Mike Evans has recently visited Israel and relates "I saw firsthand the social turmoil that has resulted from skyrocketing prices on food, gas, housing, and other necessities." The events on 9-20 look even more significant with this additional information. Will most or nearly all the nations side against Israel? That would be more than 12/19 or 13/19, of 130 of 193.  It would be 185 or more of 193 nations siding against Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant?  Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,