Jean Stepnoski (1 Sep 2011)
"Blessings or Curses: Much Compounded/Multiplied after 9-20-2011?"

Dear Doves,
      The expulsions from the Gaza in 2005 in Israel were first for the residents and then the remaining security forces. It was called "Land for Peace: Phase 1" and that place has not experienced peace or shalom since for 6 years. "The Eye of the Storm" is an insightful book in which the author has seen the connections between serious talk or action about dividing the land of Israel and terrible weather within 24 to 48 hours later, usually for America or Europe in recent decades.
      The Covenant made between Adonai, an eternal unilateral Covenant, makes clear that nations will be blessed or cursed as to how they relate to that Covenant concerning the land of Israel,  the people of the Covenant, and Jerusalem. The blessings are compounded or multiplied. So are the curses. Here is an example from 2005, after the expulsion of the residents from the Gaza was complete. On that day, a tropical depression began to form. It got stronger and was Hurricane Katrina. About 9600 individuals were expelled from the Gaza. How many Americans were affected by Hurricane Katrina? It was about a million people. What is the percentage or ratio of 10,000 to 1,000,000? It is one part of a hundred. This also means 100 to 1. Does this clearly show a compounding or multiplication of blessings or curses? It shows the multiplication of curses, at 100 parts to 1 part. This is very serious business, to obey or disobey the Covenant Adonai promised to uphold as the stronger partner. A case can be argued that the Gaza remains a place of compounded/multiplied curses from Adonai to this day, as long as the land remains divided and the Covenant people expelled from the land.
      What is scheduled on 9-20 in 2011? This will probably be the date when an estimated 120-130 member nations of the United Nations vote for the creation of a "Palestinian State" and the creation of a "Palestinian Capitol" at East Jerusalem" also. This will be additional "DIVIDING MY LAND" according to Adonai! If we have seen the curses return to a nation for dividing the land of Israel, breaking and disobeying  the Abrahamic Covenant Land, what happens when that one nation changes to 120 or 130 nations? What is 100 to 1 when it is multiplied by 120 or 130? Is it not then 12,000 or 13,000 times worse  as a compounded or multiplied global/worldwide situation? That is 12 or 13 thousand times worse as we see the compounding at 100 times 1 multiplied by 120 or 130 for so many of the nations on earth. What is the percentage or ratio of 120 or 130 of 190 nations? It is 12 or 13 of 19. Are the consequences of honoring or breaking the Covenant of Adonai and Avram (Abraham), eternally ongoing through the seed  of Isaac, tremendously serious? What might happen within 24 to 48 hours worldwide of the votes on 9-20-2011?  The last full day of Summer for Israel will be 9-21 to 22-2011, from sundown to sundown. Sundown on 9-20 begins 9-21 for Israel, THE LAST DAY for summer. The Season of the Sign of the Fig Tree, Summer beginning to ending, will soon be complete. On 9-23-2011 at 9:04 in the morning, the doors or gates to Summer close for Israel. We are told in The Scriptures that ALL of the NATIONS will side against Israel (Land, Covenant People, and Jerusalem) during the 70th Week of Daniel. The Sheep and Goats Judgment after the Second Coming by THE JUDGE (Messiah/Christ) will assess and judge each and all of the nations. The results of Hurricanes Katrina and Irene have been tremendous. But that concerns one nation, with many states. What will the dire and grave consequences be with the COMPOUNDING OF CURSES, the MULTIPLICATION of CURSES be like if it is 120-130 nations of 190? The date of 9-20 looms large on the horizon. The predictions, promises, prophecies within The Scriptures are always fulfilled at 100% accuracy. May we take refuge in MESSIAH/CHRIST, the all majestic and powerful KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS. HE shall UPHOLD the COVENANT which ADONAI has PROMISED to ETERNALLY SUSTAIN. The Blessed Hope is before us, dear Doves. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,