Jay (8 Sep 2011)
"Turkey Claims Israel Is Not Sending Back Unmanned Air Vehicles Purchased From Israel That Were Returned For Repairs.."

Turkey Purchsed Unmanned Air Vehicles From Israel, Used For Intelligence Gathering Turkey Claims They Are In Israel For Enigine Repairs and Says Israel Is Not Sending Them Back....In 2005, IAI and Elbit Systems won a $183 million contract to supply 10 Heron UAV and associated systems to the Turkish Air Force. Deliveries were completed last year. "Unmanned aircraft bought from Israel were sent back for maintenance and being withheld and not returned to us. That is a flagrant violation of an international agreement between our military industries," Erdogan said. CONSIDERING TURKEY IS THREATENING ISRAEL IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE NOW IF I WERE ISRAEL I WOULDNT SEND THEM BACK EITHER...