Jay (8 Sep 2011)
"Israeli Citizens Preparing To Fight To the Death To Defend Homes and Family Following U.N Vote To DIvide Israel Sept 20th!!"


Israelis Citizens Preparing To Fight To the Death/Defend Homes and Family Members Against Muslims/Palestinians Who Will Attempt To Invade Israel After U.N Vote To Give East Jerusalem To the Muslims...
Gearing for battle? "We will not allow the 1929 events to repeat themselves. We're all for an eye for an eye, a rally for a rally. If stones will be cast at us – we will cast stones back. If a war will be declared against us – we'll fight back," indicated Yonatan Yossef, the spokesman for the Jewish population living in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, on Wednesday. Yossef claimed before the Knesset that the Arab residents of Sheikh Jarrah are quite busy these days getting ready for upcoming riots. "They send an Arab boy to hit a Jew as a provocation, and when he gets hit back, he falls to the ground and chaos begins. That's their method of action." I'm just saying it'll be very easy to retaliate. When someone hits you, you don't have to be a Christian and turn the other cheek," added Yossef. As he was leaving the Knesset, Yossef remarked that if it was neccery he would use violence against the Arab residents. "What do you think, that I'll let them come in to my home and kill my wife and children? That's I'll call the police? That I'll be put on hold until they arrive?"  s