Jay (8 Sep 2011)
"United Nations - Iran Seriously Violating Nuclear Weapon Program. U.S Ambassador Says Iran Provocing West."

United Nations Issues Report - -Iran Violationg Nuclear Weapons Program . IAEA Says Iran Enriching Beyond Purpose of Electricty...Iran Developing Nuclear Weapons...

US ambassador Susan Rice said Tehran has continued to defy the UN Security Council and the IAEA by refusing to 'respond substantively with information regarding possible military dimensions of its nuclear activities.' Rice said the installation of a uranium enrichment facility and heavy-water reactor at Qom amounted to a violation of UN resolutions and a "clear provocation." Rice said: "This is unacceptable." Germany's ambassador, Peter Wittig, said his government was concerned by Iran's intention to arm missiles with a nuclear device, saying that the latest IAEA report was "consistent and credible" with the worrisome development of Iran's nuclear activities.