Jay (7 Sep 2011)
"Head of United Nations Ban Ki-Moon Says "Now is the time to Stop Syria!!!!!!!""

Head Of U.N Ban Ki-Moon, Calls On World To Immediately Unite Now Against Syria - 
While Ban stopped short of calling for military intervention, he delivered some of his strongest statements yet condemning the violence he says  is perpetrating against his people. Ban said it is time for UN member nations to unite and take "coherent measures." Ban, who was in New Zealand attending a meeting of Pacific leaders, told reporters that the aspirations of the Syrian people should be heeded and respected.He said Assad needs to take "immediate and bold and decisive measures before it's too late." He later amended that to say "It's already too late, in fact. It's already too late. If it takes more and more days, then more people will be killed." Ban did not say whether he personally favored military action at this point. "It's not for the secretary-general to talk about any specific measures, including this military measure," he said. "It's the member states who should be able to give a mandate on any specific measures."