Jay (7 Sep 2011)
"Israel Warns Palestine - We Will Respond With Full Force If You Attempt To Harm Us During Sept 20 Vote To Divide Israel"

 Israel's Defense Minister Warns Palestinian President Abbas - -Israel Has A Zero Tolerance Policy For Violence Erupting On Or Around September 20th Vote To Divide Israel At the U.N.. Israel Warns They Will Respond With Full Force...
Barak warned Abbas that any Palestinian attempts to cross the border into Israel, invade settlements or carry out acts of terror would meet with a rapid and firm Israeli response calibrated according to the level of Palestinian disorderliness - from moderate all the way in extreme cases to military or economic punishment severe enough to topple the Palestinian Authority.
On no account, would Israel put up with crowds of West Bank Palestinians mobbing IDF checkpoints around Jerusalem or demonstrations in the areas surrounding the city, Barak said.
In general, rallies must be confined to Palestinian cities and remain outside a preset radius around the Israeli settlements and towns of Judea and Samaria. Any demonstratons crossing these lines would be forcibly dispersed.
debkafile's military sources report that Israel's security and military chiefs are thinking of making an example of Palestinian agitators as a deterrent.
Debkafile's military and intelligence sources disclose that the Barak-Abbas conversation in Jordan was more businesslike than diplomatic. It revolved around the Palestinian UN application to be submitted on Sep. 20 and its impact on security. Barak laid down clear limits for the Palestinian popular response to this event.
It was Abdullah King of Jordan who persuaded Abbas to sit down and talk to the Israeli defense minister.  Concerned that outbreaks of Palestinian unrest on the West Bank might spill over into the Hashemite Kingdom, he demanded that the Palestinian leader coordinate security with the Israeli defense minister.The third party attending the meeting was Gen. Muhammad Rakad, Jordan's General Intelligence Director.From mid-September, Jordanian forces will be on high preparedness for Palestinian unrest in the same way as the IDF's West Bank Division and the Israeli police.