Jay (6 Sep 2011)
"WARNING!!!!! Israel Warns...All Out War Using Weapons of Mass Destruction Could Happen Any Moment"

 Israeli Defense Forces- Home Front Command:                                                               "Likelihood of all-out Middle East war increasing"

Home Front Command chief says Middle East regional war could include use of weapons of mass destruction; warns that Arab Spring may turn into 'Radical Islamic Winter'. The likelihood of an all-out regional war in the Middle East is increasing, the head of the IDF Home Front Command said on Monday, Channel 10 reported. Speaking to the Institute for National Security Studies, Major General Eyal Eisenberg said that such a conflict could potentially include the use of weapons of mass destruction. Eisenberg cautioned that the Arab Spring could turn into the "Radical Islamic Winter". Eisenberg also noted that a new weapon was used by Gaza militants in the recent round of escalation in the south, which led the Home Front Command to instruct the public to seek shelter under two roofs, rather than one.


Israel Doing Drills Simulation Countries Atacking Their Nuclear Facilities.. The IDF Home Front Command and the Israel Atomic Energy Commission will hold a large exercise on Tuesday to simulate a missile attack against the Dimona nuclear reactor in the Negev.
The drill will simulate a number of scenarios including a possible missile attack by Hezbollah, Syria or Hamas against the reactor or a possible earthquake that could destabilize the reactor’s core and spark a nuclear meltdown. Israel has closely studied the recent crisis in Japan following the earthquakes in Fukushima that led to a nuclear meltdown at a number of reactors, to draw lessons that can be applied in the event of a missile strike on the Dimona facilities.

FYI if someone hits Israels Nuclear reactors.. I would venture to say that civilization would be instantly obliterated by one of Israel's hundreds of nuclear weapons and that would bring an even bigger nuclear war in the world instantly...