Jay (10 Sep 2011)
"Stutnex Computer Virus Used By Israel To Crash Irans Nuclear Facility in 2010 Could Be Use To Launch Nuclear Warhead!!!!!!"

Stutnex Virus Used By Israel To Crash Irans Nuclear Weapon Facility in 2010 -Most Powerful Computer Virus On The Planet - Warning - Could Even Be Used To Activate and Launch A Nuclear Weapon  Due to the complexity and sophistication of the code contained within the Stuxnet worm, the possibility of it being used to take control of a nuclear warhead is high, according to a security expert.At Check P oint’s Sydney conference this week, Check Point Israel security evangelist, Tomer Teller, said he analysed the code of the Stuxnet worm, which was used to take control of a nuclear facility in Iran in June, 2009.Teller confirmed the code in Stuxnet could be modified to launch new SCADA attacks. “Nuclear warheads are controlled by computers so if someone managed to slip a worm inside a facility that will reach the warhead component, they could launch it and than aim it back at the country’s facility,” he said. “Stuxnet is the first cyber weapon that could cause major disruption."