Jan Loots (9 Sep 2011)
"Att: Lynn"


Hi Lynn.

“Firstly, I am your brother in Christ, my name comes from Dutch”.

My Father-in-law’s name is David Lubbe, he is saved and healthy Pentecostal believer.

“I”, do long for him to be counted as in the Church of Philadelphia and not him, I think to him, it is not imported if he goes now or at the rapture.

So, it is me that wants him to hold on, but I pray that the Lords will be done, He has a plan for him, and He knows what is best for him.

We have been to the doctor yesterday, and the Doctor is studying his condition and see what she can do, and will come back to us.

What is so good about 5 doves is, we are as a family, the more of as praying for the needs of each other, the better the Holy Spirit is going to work in our life’s and the other person’s life, so to get us to the faith of a mustard seed.

I still believe that everybody must pray daily for John and all 5 doves, so that the Holy Spirit can guide us and fill our cups to overflowing.

Jan Loots