Jan (3 Sep 2011)
"to Rene, all DOVES--- 'Agree with you, re: SS "en titlement" program"

Right on, Rene!  "Entitlement" is hardly the right word....

I agree with you 110%...not all of us are capable of continuing to work. 
I had to retire at age 60 with a small pension as my only income until I reached 62.  I'd had lumbar spinal fusion surgery, and--as an RN--had to use first a cart and then a cane while at work.  My back pain, though somewhat reduced by the needed surgery, made enduring an 8-hr-day harder and harder for me.

I too paid into the program for so many years, and I don't feel I'm robbing anyone else to receive some of it back now..
Though I haven't totaled mine, I'd say I will never live to see mine returned (especially since I know, that I know, that I KNOW we're going Home soon, and I will have NO further need of the stuff!  :)

While I know there is much waste in the defense dept spending, I especially want to see the bases established after WW II closed--e.g., Japan, and most of Germany (perhaps keeping the medical services there, in order to continue to treat our war-wounded quickly).... S Korea perhaps.  I feel they should have been closed long ago.  And of course we should close it off--gradually--in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well.

As a volunteer counselor for a pregnancy resource center (formerly called crisis pregnancy centers) I AMEN your pointing out the millions of unborn murdered every year (about 62,000,000 by now, just in the US, since Roe v Wade's triumph of evil, Jan 22, 1973.) 
These little ones are all precious in our Lord's sight...and are in joy with Him now.....but they were intended to be with us here, first! 
(Yes, if they'd lived they would have provided a support for the seniors needing social security now!)

In Him
....and hoping to hug all of you DOVES soon!!
Jan in AZ