Iracema Reis (3 Sep 2011)
"To Tracy Nordin RE: "Grace Ending - Wrath Beginning (Repost of Elenin Info from April 2011)""

Somehow I missed your post in April (my loss...) but God is good and you reposted it - and I'm so grateful for that!
I just loved the way you explained your ideas: short, simple sentences, in that quiet, calm but assertive way that shows sincerety and only comes with wisdom and with having matured in the Lord's knowledge and faith. I was so impressed! It really spoke to my heart and soul...
Thank you so much for having written and shared it with all of us: those who actively post and those who'd rather "lurk around" (pretty much like me :) ).
Since all this debate about Elenin, Planet X or Nibiru began, I never felt really compelled to share them with family and friends, although I did out of a sense of duty. But this time I'll be doing it whole-heartedly
It's your simplicity, the fact that you make no attempts to sound scholarly that let's the light of Jesus shine in your words and, I bet!, through you...
God Bless you!