Gerry Almond (8 Sep 2011)

Bro Paul

Like you, I felt sure that Jesus birth was September.  I did not write the article to be disruptive or argumentative, but to present the match of His birth to the numbers of His names.

My thesis is that Jesus names when multiplied equal His days.  If so, then:

888 (Jesus) x 14 (Savior) = `12,432 days.  That is exactly 34 years and 14 days.  This count ONLY works if looked at this way:

Gestation   280 days  (based on the 7 sacred feasts of Israel matching the developmental time of the human            child.

Days of life  12,152 from birth to death, based on death being Passover.

Total days  12,432.  If this is valid, then:

Conception had to be March 19/20 of some year

Birth had to be December 24/25 of some year.

Death had to be April 2/3 of some year.

The years that fit are 1 B. C and 33 A. D.

I simply believe that God gave us these numbers so that we could know. 

Please, no offense intended.   I am the farthest thing from being a catholic that there is.


Gerry Almond