Gerry Almond (10 Sep 2011)

To:  Ron Reese, Ola Ilori, and all Doves:

Ola Ilori posted 9/9/11 the belief that the rapture will occur on either 9/14 or 9/21.  It is based on the Torah calendar that says that 9/9 was the Feast of Atonement.  It means, then that 5 days later is the Feast of Tabernacles, day 1 on 9/14 with 7 days later the end of the Feast, 9/21.  It happens that the very next day is the beginning of Autumn this year.  

I declared my belief some time ago that the rapture is a Summer event.  I also posted not too long ago that September 13/14 was ripe for the event, it being the 23rd year exactly since Rosh Hashana 1988.  That was the year that Bro. Edgar Whisenant published and distributed millions of copies of a little book titled “88 Reasons Why the Rapture will be in 1988”.  Even though it did not occur, the book WOKE UP THE CHURCH WORLDWIDE and was not a waste of time.  It brought a great awakening on the matter of the rapture which has endured to this very day, but seemingly, only in evangelical circles.  Bro F. M. Riley wrote about Edgar in one of his articles, saying that he recognized essentially the same thing.

I believe that Ola Ilori may well be right, and the two dates of September 14 and September 21 are very good candidates.  I lean personally to the former as being the 23rd anniversary as listed above, and for reasons herein stated.

It is possible, of course, that neither are correct, as prognostications have come and gone, but if so, and Rosh Hashana on the traditional calendar is the one God uses, that means the traditional Jewish calendar in use now is the one that God recognizes, not the Torah one.  Ilori believes the Torah calendar is the one that God recognizes.  I tend to agree.

                                         THE SEVEN DAYS WARNING

Many watchers are expecting a warning time prior to the event.  It is also a real possibility that 9/7 is the first day of that 7 day warning to us.  If so, then 9/14 would be the rapture date.  Guess what?  I FOUND SUCH A WARNING!!  I researched the 5 Doves site, remembering a warning recently, AND FOUND ON 9/7 a post by Dayana T of a vision by 777EAJ which 777EAJ said is a warning from Jesus Himself.  She said that He came to her as KING JESUS and told her to WARN THE PEOPLE…”IF THEY DIVIDE MY LAND, I WILL DIVIDE THESE LANDS”.  He proceeded to name them, five in number.  They are:


Dayana T also reported that 777EAJ said that Jesus asked:  “Why do they not look at Me?  Everyone that will perish has a destination by My authority.  My authority alone”.

She said that Jesus was very very sad and frustrated, yet very very firm.  

777EAJ stated firmly that weeks ago, she was told that she would have to issue the WARNING.  “THIS IS THE WARNING” she said.

Dayana T”s 777EAJ posting is on 5 Doves, September 7, 2011 if you wish to see it.

Taking this as THE 7 days WARNING, from September 7 through 13 is the WARNING TIME.  That means Wednesday, September 14 is rapture day.  

I did not find any other such warning on September 14, which would extend the time to September 21.  So, as of now, I am watching the 14th with great anticipation.



Gerry Almond

I meant to add to the post about rapture September 14th....That is this:  It it happens, the next day, the 15th is the 188th day since the Sendai, Japan earthquake and may be the big one some have expected to accompany the rapture event.  As you probably know, there is 188 days between the Chilean quake, the Christchurch quake, and the Japanese quake, which occurred on March 11th.  The 188th day after the Japanese quake will be September 15.  If the rapture is on the 14th, then the two events could nearly overlap if the timing is just right.

Sorry for the oversight.   TO GOD BE ALL GLORY!!!