Gerlinda (6 Sep 2011)
"Sanhedrin established in 2004"

Steve Coerper (5 Sep 2011)
"Re: Chevlei Mashiach?? "Birth pangs of the Messiah""
I happened to have been in Israel during the days just prior to this annoucement of the Sanhedrin re-establishment in Oct. 2004 and headquartered at the time in Tiberias.  I was a bit shocked.
I, personally, agree with the author of below story that these are of the same bunch that sought the death of Yeshua.
Since the Religious Court has been established, it is a all clear for . 
PS  I have been searching nearly the whole day for the news item where Obama signed a decree in March 2010, I believe, that would begin the building of the Jewish Temple.  It would take place the day after the end of the Great Synagogue re-construction.  Early March seems to stick in my head.  Hope someone can clarify this. 
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