Gerlinda (23 Sep 2011)
"For Jay"

Dear Jay,  There is no doubt that you have a GREAT enthusiasm for Israel: we know we are to keep our eye upon events happening there.  We all have access to the many news sources telling us what is going on daily in the Middle East.  I used to be just like you.....I'd read something and get so excited I just knew I had to pass it along.
But, Jay, did you read Jim Bramlett's letter to John Trig a couple of days ago where he mentioned about how we appreciate all that he does for this post even though John T has his own health problems, a family to take care of and a job he needs to go to so that he can continue to provide.
We can all agree that It is an over-whelming job and what makes this link so special is the great variety of thoughts, deep knowledge, right?   Everyone has a chance to say something. He allows us to have several thoughts in a day or responses to others.  I don't know how to say this Jay without hurting your feelings but do you know how many posts you had just today alone regarding the news in Israel....16 and 11 the day before?  That is a whole lot for John to have to post.
Maybe, you could chose a couple that are very, very special.  We love you as a fellow contributor but I believe I am speaking for many of the other Doves........we have to ease up on poor John, ok?
Thank You, Jay.
In Christian Love,