Gene Eastman (10 Sep 2011)
"Dream - for Christians and the world .Heed it."

Hello Doves, this is my first post but I am a watcher and have read your site for over a year now.
This dream is from Aussie friend of mine on another site.
his sheep,
may God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
09/08/2011 07:39 PM
There was no timeframe put on this dream except..."Imminent".

I had this dream on the 5th of August and until now..this day..the Lord told me NOT to share it with anyone.

I was going to write it the day I had it but the Lord told me "Not yet" he said.."NOW is the time."
So here it is.

Dream..5th August...ITS TIME.

The setting.....

There was a very large house..a two story brick house with many rooms. Well lit up..a hive of activity.. and packed with people from all walks of life. There was lots of noise coming from the house.

People singing..shouting..partying..screaming..groaning in sexual and fleshly and even spiritual pleasures. It was all there in this house..the profane and disgusting to the "Apparently" righteous.

Outside the house in the backyard was a wire fence..a partition as it were. Behind this partition in the backyard was a flimsy looking garden down looking with an open front. Along the top of this fence were seven flourescent lights one against the other running along the top of the fence lighting up the back of the house and the entire backyard.
In the dream I was standing behind the fence looking through the wire at the house..shouting a warning of "Its about to happen..the world is going to shake..massive earthquake is about to strike..GET OUT OF THE HOUSE or you WILL DIE in there" one could hear me above the noise and those who could see me..the ones leaning out the back windows of the house, were laughing and mocking at me.

So I decided to go INTO the house in a last ditch effort to warn I walked out from behind the well lit fence..up the back stairs of the house and into the backdoor.

The scene that greeted me was pandemonium. I was in the kitchen looking out into the dining room. The kitchen was packed with all sorts of snacks...roast meats..deserts..trays of nibbles..and LOTS and LOTS of "Alcahol" of every sort. In the loungeroom was a whole lot of "Christians" singing "up market" praise songs..dancingaround..feasting..laughing..drinking..yes..
getting DRUNK on one of the types of "Spirit" I had seen in the kitchen. I stood in awe..watching this orgy of "FLESH" dressed up as "Christianity" party like there was NO tomorrow..they were RIGHT in a way..there WAS no tomorrow for them..UNLESS they left the house that instant.

I went out into the loungeroom where the "Spiritual orgy" was taking place..stood amongst them and shouted as loud as I could "GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW..EARTHQUAKE ABOUT TO STRIKE and if you are STILL IN THIS HOUSE YOU WILL DIE"!!

They all ignored me..laughing and mocking...or starting a "Spiritual" debate with me over "Doctrinal" differences...trying to JUSTIFY their behaviour. I stood there and warned them again..they just turned the music up louder..swaying in a hypnotic "Praise trance" like you see at Benny Hinn meetings and the like....only two of them (There were about fifty there) were whole heartedly..the other with a "Ill listen but im gonna keep drinking" attitude. 
They followed me out of the of them still clutching his bottle of "Spirits"..... I told them to wait at the back door for a moment as I went to the other end of the house to warn the ones at that end.

I went down the hallway and looked in all the rooms..the further I got from the longeroom where the "Christian" party was going on the worse the "Sins" I saw taking place were getting. I saw people drunk and shooting up and taking drugs and fighting and lots and lots of sexual it was natural to them..and it was. These were the peolple of the world..born to it,,dying in it..never knowing any other life.

I warned them..the same warning I gave the "Christians"..and surprisingly MANY listened..(There were about 100 there)stopped what they were doing and FLED from the house.(Altogether about 20 people listened).leaving all their drugs and "Sprits" behind..they did not look back..they RAN as fast as they could to the other side of the fence out in the yard and waited for me in the shed.

The rest who did not flee began to get VERY violent..throwing beer bottles at me and spitting at me for scaring the heck out of their friends and ruining their party. I could see I was not going to get through to any more of them..those who were destined to heed and run..had already heeded and RAN..the rest..were cold and hard as ice...already dead. I stopped warning then..and left back to the loungeroom.for ONE more attempt to get the ones who SHOULD have known better to heed...the "Christian party crowd".
I walked into the loungeroom..the so called very worldy sounding so called "Christian" music was up full blast..they were feasting and drinking and just having a "Good time in the Lord"...getting "Drunk" in the Lord...totally OBLIVIOUS to anything I had to say. I tried and tried..begging them..PLEADING with them...they refused to even look at me..and they too started to get violent..throwing plates at me and calling me "Possesed" and a "Demon" for daring to come against their so called "Move of the Spirit" that they were enjoying so much. With a heavy heart..I left..and fast..because I KNEW the great quake was just about to hit.

I raced down the stairs..the other two from the "Christian crowd" had been waiting for me as sober but still not 100% certain..the other holding onto the rail of the stairs...still holding his bottle of "Spirits"..swaying drunkenly saying "Im only coming down there for a laugh really..just to see what all the fuss is about".

The others..the "Worldy" people who had repented and fled were ALREADY BEHIND the fence..IN the garden shed..SAFE..and praying..even without anyone to lead them..they KNEW by instinct to pray now..instantly converted..the Holy Spirit teaching them DIRECTLY what to do without anyone to tell them.

The Lord then spoke to me saying [b]"FLEE NOW..GET TO THE SHED...DONT LOOK BACK..ITS COMING ANY MOMENT"  [/b]

I fled..ran as fast as I could..the other two lagging behind..although the sober one was at least doing a brisk walk...the drunken one could harldy stand but was making a half hearted attempt to follow..laughing and saying "THIS should be funny".

I Got behind the wire fence with the seven lights on it...turned and faced the house and shouted to the two in the yard on the other side of the fence..."RUN..NOW..PLEASE..GET BEHIND THIS FENCE or you will FALL and be HURT BADLY"...for the Lord had told me NOT..under ANY go out into the yard again leaving the safety of the fence to speed them along..they were on their own in the walk from the house to behind the fence.

The sober one of the two walked up to the fence and took hold of it..still on the other side though..staring up at the lights. The other one..the drunk one..still with bottle in hand got as far as the middle of the yard..when it HIT...and BOY oh BOY did it HIT HARD.

The ground HEAVED..sudden and fast motion back and forth.

Although I was on my feet and NOT holding onto anything I did not fall..instead I swayed back and forth with the rhythm of the you would on a rocking boat to stay upright. I moved with the quake..back and forth..shaken..but NOT behind the fence.

Those inside the shed right behind me did not even shake...the shed swayed back and forth..but they did in that shed the ground was perfectly still..they just kept praying and as they looked out of the shed..they beheld the fate of those who refused to heed the warning.

The house..the house FELL with a GREAT CRASH..instantly turned to rubble..NO one had time to get out of the fell HARD and FAST..killing at least 50% of those inside instantly......and those inside who did mange to survive the crash..did not live for much longer..mangled in the rubble..groaning..dying fast. Most of them were totally dead when the final wave hit..when the WRATH hit...because the GREAT QUAKE..was NOT THE was the WARNING...of what was to come.

As the quake hit..the sober one holding onto the other side of the fence held on for a few moments...but eventually fell..with a broken arm and leg...and six of the seven lights on the fence exploded..sending shards of glass all over the yard...although they didnt hit the one just on the other side of the fence..he was spared getting cut to ribbons by the flying glass..and although wounded with broken limbs..was UNCUT.

The drunk one out in the yard..the half hearted cynical one...the one who had only left the house for a laugh and curiosity..HE did not fare so well..
He fell and fell HARD..he already had trouble standing as it was. When he hit the ground the bottle of "Spirits" he had in his hand shattered..slicing his hand to bits because he would NOT let go of it..even as he fell he clung to the "Fake" spirit".

He rolled around on the ground screaming as the earth shook..then the lights exploded..showering him with hot shards of glass..cutting him all over from head to foot...he was covered in deep cuts..but still alive...somehow..and..he was NO LONGER DRUNK.

Then the ground stopped heaving..a dead calm came..silent..broken only by the cries of the fatally wounded in the rubble of the house.

I called to the men in the yard..."Quick..hurry..the second wave is about to hit..and it WONT be a will be MUCH WORSE..MOVE..NOW..IGNORE THE PAIN AND MOVE NOW..OR YOU WILL DIE OUT THERE..GET TO THE SHED."

The man with the broken arm and leg hopped painfully around the end of the fence and into the shed. The moment he was in the shed he was healed..arm and leg whole again..he joined in prayer with those in the shed. The man out in the yard was in a bad bad way..he was in so much pain..and VERY very repentant..except he could hardly move now..bleeding all over. He struggled to his feet..turned and SPAT at the broken bottle on the ground..tears in his full of remorse and the way he had treated God and his sweet gentle Holy Spirit.

He turned towards the fence..tears and blood mingled on his face...and began to hobble oh so slowly and painfully towards the end of the fence and to final safety of the shed. I wanted SO much to help him...every fibre of my being screamed out to me to walk out into the yard to help..but the Lord said [b]"NO...what one sows is what one reaps..he must make it on his own with what he NOW knows with all His heart...he is mine now..but he must face the consequences of his actions..I chastise those whom I love."
The sky was growing dark..VERY dark..far darker than the night.

The sky was growing darker and darker...massive black clouds were building and building...silent..ominous..BLACK...

The remaining light at the end of the fence grew brighter and the wounded man in the yard hobbled slowly..but as fast as he could mange..towards the light indicating safety. I kept calling encouragement to him..urging him on to greater effort..and he was trying so hard...closer..closer...finally he reached the end of the fence..right under the light..tears streaming down his face...and using the fence as support pulled himself around to the other side of the fence.....

I stood and watched his struggle..heart breaking that I could only encourage but not touch him...then as he approached the fence the Lord said [b]"GET IN THE SHED WITH THE OTHERS NOW...THE WIND OF MY WARTH HAS COME"

I dove into the shed then..the struggling man still out there..but at LEAST he was on the RIGHT side of the fence now..but ONLY JUST......then the WIND HIT.

All of us in the shed ceased awe at what was taking place outside.....

A wind..a MIGHTY WIND...howled down upon everything. It blew the rubble of the house away..the bricks and rubble flew like styrafoam before a hurricane. Even the foundations of the house were torn from the ground and blown away..gone..the ground stripped BARE.
As the remains of the house blew away..even above the howl of the wind we could hear screams and curses coming from the rubble...those cursing the most vehemantly were the "Christians" from the loungeroom end of the house..CURSING and BLASPHEMING what they TRULY WERE was exposed in the WRATH...when every foul and "Religious Spirit" was exposed..revealed for what they truly were..CURSING their way to doom.

Meanwhile...The man outside the shed but on OUR side of the fence knew he was about to die as he could not make it to the shed. But he also knew he was SAVED..[b]though as THROUGH FIRE...and as the wind hit..he fell to his knees...crying in joy and his body was destroyed...we saw his Spirit leave his body then...he rose the mighty his body was blown away like chaff. He saw us..smiled as us..looked at me and said "I am SO SO SORRY for mocking you..thank you so much for trying to warn us..I am saved now..but I do not deserve to be..great is the MERCY of our God...even to a mocker..a half hearted wretch like cost me everything...I LOST everything....and I have gained eternity...thank you."

Then he heaven in a flash he was gone...saved ONLY by the skin of his teeth. Despite his many years of churchgoing and singing and praising and getting "Drunk" in the Lord..up until that moment he was doomed.

The wind kept blowing..the shed swayed in the wind..this flimsy looking run down shed..that LOOKED like it would collapse under the slightest breeze..only swayed..and all of us inside this shed felt not the slightest breeze within it.

Then the storm passed...the black clouds were split apart by the most amazing golden bright light breaking through them...the light filled the sky...shining down on the earth..bare..stripped of all that used to be...
We waited in the see what would happen next.....then I woke up...