Gail (7 Sep 2011)
"This is very serious, keep it in your prayers please"

Will there be a Devastating Earthquake in the Middle of the United States of America?
I think this may have been closer to the warning given by Minister John Kilpatrick.
We're under 'Wind and Water' deluge right now, thanks to tropical storm Lee.
The U.S. governments have always tampered with Israel's strategies.
Now is a critical time for the New Madrid Missouri Earthquake Watch.

Palestinians resist US pressure on statehood bid 09/06/11

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — The Palestinians say they will not surrender to American pressure to drop their bid for statehood at the United Nations, taking a tough position ahead of a meeting with a senior U.S. delegation.
Two senior White House envoys, David Hale and Dennis Ross, arrived in the region on Tuesday(09/06/11) for talks with Israel and Palestinian officials. The U.S. has been trying to persuade the Palestinians to drop their plan to ask the U.N. this month to approve their independence. Instead, it wants the Palestinians to resume peace talks with Israel.
Look at this, this is what Netanyahu is up against from Obama, while Arab neighbor states are lined up for his demise.
D.C.'s Anti-Bibi team Behind Housing Protests
As large scale social justice protests march through Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem Saturday night, it was revealed that the movement that began in July over the skyrocketing cost of housing in Israel may have been orchestrated by outside players.
According to an investigative report by Maariv‘s Kalman Libeskind, the protests were engineered by a group of media strategists who are directed by prominent American political operative Stanley Greenberg, a close adviser to United States President Barack Obama inherited from former US President Bill Clinton.
In 1999, Clinton sent Greenberg, along with Bob Shrum and current J-Street operative Jim Gerstein, to Israel on a team headed  by strategist James Carville with the mission of removing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from office and replacing him with current Defense Minister Ehud Barak.
Greenberg has apparently assumed Carville’s role and is now leading essentially the same team of Israeli media strategists working to once again oust Netanyahu.
According to the Maariv report, Greenberg directed the Israeli strategists to create a protest that would not be led by one specific group, in order to create social ferment in the country. According to Greenberg’s plan, an unnamed leader loyal to Washington’s agenda of shrinking Israel would eventually step into this ferment and take the reins.
The Israeli strategists working under Greenberg reportedly include Boaz Gaon, Moshe Gaon and Eldad Yaniv, all of whom worked with Greenberg and Carville against Netanyahu in 1999.
Despite the cost of housing being a very real social problem in Israel, several analysts have suggested that the protests were planned by Washington in order to destabilize Netanyahu’s government in reaction to the prime minister’s speech before the US Congress last May in which he stood strong against demands by Presidents Obama for a retreat to the 1949 armistice lines between Israel and Jordan.
Press reports Saturday evening estimated the total number of protesters at roughly 400,000 people throughout the the country.
See the clandestine operations of Obama against Israel?
Here comes major judgment that Minister Kilpatrick was shown for the central U.S.
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