Frank R Molver (1 Sep 2011)
"Mandate From Heaven"

You have a mandate from heaven.
I am watching a Korean Historical Drama called Kim Soo Ro
It is about a child that was prophesied that would come from the sea and rule that nation.
He was given a mandate from heaven.
The term woke me up.
Mandate from heaven is a term they used to legitimize their position as ruler.
It also depended on the conduct of the ruler.
It is an authorization and command from heaven for a position of authority and ruler ship.
It did not require that the person be of noble birth.
One has to decide to accept it and walk in it with all it's challenges.
When I was a child I remember standing on the shore and the setting sun shone thru the clouds directly at me.
It seemed to be a moment of importance or favor from God to me.
There was a man lying on the beach who turned around and looked at me as if to acknowledge this event.
He looked at the direction the beam of light was going and he saw that it landed on me.
I was God mocker until I was 33 when God revealed himself to me
I have not walked so nicely after that, kind of like David with his fallings.
Yet I recall this moment and perhaps some of you recall a moment too.
This is a serious time and it indeed seems to be running out.
We do have a mandate from heaven.
It will not be easy but it will bring glory to God if we choose to walk in it
Really, what else is there to live for?