Fay (7 Sep 2011)
"Breakthrough from the LORD - Luis Vega"

Hi John and Doves,
I am very excited. Thrilled and humbled. I believe our LORD has given me great clarity regarding the 222 of the Christchurch quake of 22nd February. It was your post, Luis!  Regarding the 13 steps of the Great Seal! I added 13 to 1776 and got the year 1789. If you add 111 to 1789 you get the year 1900. Add 111 to 1900 and you get the year 2011. 111 + 111 = 222 !! This doesn't sound so crazy if you recognise the prophetic importance of the number 19. 19 years between 606BC (Judah defeated) and 587BC when Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed. 19 years between 537BC (Return) and 518BC (Rebuild) 19 years between 1948 (Israel reborn) and 1967 (Jerusalem retaken) It stands to reason that the year 1900 AD would be a prophetic marker!  There's more. Please read my post that was posted on Doves on 22nd February 2011. Of all the signs I was given, one of them was a poster of the movie,'  Unknown '. I could never figure that one out except to think that I was being pointed to the 'unknown date' of the Rapture. This movie is currently on my movie channel - has been for a few weeks - and is advertised as ' Unknown 2011'
I know with every fibre of my being that there's even more to this but I can't put my finger on it.
My post of 22nd February 2011: 
Praise our LORD for the insights we are receiving. Very soon, we'll all be receiving insights of huge importance.
We're going HOME soon, Doves. Home Sweet Home.
God Bless
In Jesus' Beloved Name