Edwina (9 Sep 2011)
"To Jeffrey Ady - "Feeling that something is very wrong""

Dear Jeffrey,
Absolutely, I'm in UK and there is "something" in the air. Very Very weird, I heard that JESUS IS COMING VERY VERY SOON.
When you look at all the information flying around, markets staggering all over the place, the middle-east turmoil and Israel being plotted against, volcanoes, earthquakes (which we are not being shown all), and not to mention whatever is going on Up There in space. For sure we are all just hanging on in there!
On the one hand, I feel that there is a real evil sinister "presence"....increasing and that is quite unsettling, and omnious. Then on the other hand, we have The King of Kings and Lord of Lords riding on the clouds coming like a "thief in the night"....I keep re-reading Revelation and getting more and more from it.
This time, we are in, is both pretty scary and yet incredibly exciting. Perhaps we are all just getting more and more tuned into the spiritual and thats a good thing.
Some have been waiting longer for this than others, but we are One in Christ, Keep going and Keep Looking Up!
sincerely edwina.