Edwina (30 Sep 2011)
"To Fay"

Dear Fay,
I completely understand how you are feeling! This is "why" there is a crown for those who love His Appearing!! o the torment.....
Oh dear, yes, another day passes and the confusion regarding Elenin disappearing... but as you say, all the signs are there.
Be reassured that your emotions are probably mirrored all over with the Christians who are waiting and watching. I must admit I don't understand everything that is going on. I only know that Jesus Is in CONTROL and knows every heart beat and yearning, so take heart sister and be consolled that you are not alone! O there is a excruciating excitement and yet, and yet, not this time.
However, there are lots of forthcoming dates and Mr. Ellis is truly a seasoned Christian, I had to smile when I read his, THIS IS IT, he is a real breath of fresh air and we need to support each other as we are buffeted in this mighty, journey to glory, in Jesus's Name. Halleliuah, what a ride?
Take heart sister and know we all stand together, shoulder to shoulder!! Amen, Jesus Come Lord, SOON.
Best Wishes in Christ, edwina.