David W. Zavitz (23 Sep 2011)
"What do think about this quote ..."

"America can't create the Ice Man and Milk Man economy of old. Globalism has robbed America of main
street retailing, manufacturing, and all ancillary jobs. The globalist have opened America's borders to
illegals who now do all the farm and housekeeping cheaper than slavery, (See Rick Perry's Texas). Once
the infrastructure and airports pipe dreams die, we will face the music that China has got our goat. We
have crushing debt, debilitating interest, unaccountable spending, and a Federal Reserve System that
is destroying the middle class. The Democrat, The Republican, and The Tea Party is a three-winged bird
that won't fly and a three-legged dog that won't hunt. If you think our future lies in either of them, suicide
is a far better option. "America has turned her back on God, and now she must turn back to God." Turn
not to Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, or the Catholic Church, but to God; she must turn (II Chronicles 7:14),
and release truth from the prison of political correctness."

in e-mail 2011-09-11
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