Diane Aguilera (9 Sep 2011)
"Chile paralyzed once again more sad news with an interesting twist from God"

Hi Doves,
I only know this because my husband is from Chile and has been crying for days (Chileans have remarkable national pride for their country and countrymen).  On Saturday, September 2 a very popular show Buenos Dias a Todos (Good Morning to All) hosted by Felipe Camiroaga, one of their most popular tv personalities for the past 20 years--aired LIVE on national TV an Australian Christian Evangelist Nick Vujicic (he has no arms or legs and is also a motivational speaker – his motto no limbs no limits.  Here is the youtube if anyone is interested in viewing it.  Part 4 has the prayer he did for Chile.  It’s in English and Spanish.

Hours later, Felipe Camiroaga and 20 other people boarded a plan to Patagonia.  The purpose of the trip was to film a show on the aftermath of the 8.1 earthquake victims.   The plane crashed and there were no survivors.  

Nick Vujicic en Buenos Días a Todos Parte 4

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