Deborah W (8 Sep 2011)
"Response to Robin B."

Dear Robin,

Please read the entire chapter of Hebrews 10.  You have not just had a "few dirty spots" washed from you.  You have been made white as snow all the way through.  Your past sins are forgiven (ALL of them), your present sins are forgiven (ALL of them), your future sins are forgiven (ALL of them)  that means that you have been made PERFECT, Yes PERFECT- FOREVER!  Read Hebrews 10 until it sinks ALL the way in sister.  YOU ARE without spot or blemish.  When God looks down from heaven at you, he cannot look on ANY sin.  When he looks down  at you through the lens of the blood of the lamb, he sees PERFECTION!  IT IS FINISHED!
Hope this sinks all the way in !  YSIC,
Deborah W.